What is ITC?

Global networking for distributors, retailers, traders, resellers & wholesalers of Mobiles, Consumer Electronics & IT.

Why did we choose Malta?

Easy, accessible, versatile, flexible and dynamic are all words to describe Malta. 

There are many factors that determine the attractiveness of a destination for an event, but infrastructure and accessibility are the most important we believe.

Malta for us is the ideal destination for ITC, with internationally-branded hotels, state-of-the-art infrastructure and conference facilities and the magnificent historical monuments which can be used as venues. Other reasons why Malta is a perfect event location include:

Short flights from major European cities

The Maltese islands are serviced by an extensive network of international flight connections and under three hours flying time from major European gateways.

Ease of communication

A multilingual population – most locals speak English and a fair few speak fluent Italian as well. Some even have a smattering of French and other languages.

Excellent infrastructure

Malta has over 3,500 rooms in 15 five-star hotels ranging from international chains to boutique properties. Most are within walking distance of each other and can easily accommodate a large group from our industry.

Malta has a selection of conference centres that have hosted numerous international events. These venues all boast cutting edge technology and can accommodate from around 2,000 to over 5,000 delegates. Having used both The Corinthia and The Hilton we have made great contacts and are very well looked after.

The island’s unique landscape and rich heritage provide a grand backdrop for memorable events.

Short transfers

The island's small size plays to our advantage as transfer times are kept to a minimum (typically 15 minutes) allowing for more quality networking time. In Malta, everything is simply a short car, taxi or bus ride away. So there are no long distances insofar as getting around the island is concerned.


Malta boasts of a mild climate with not-so-cold winters and warm summer months. There is relatively little rainfall, the sun shines pretty much throughout the whole year and there is easy access to the crystal-clear waters of Mediterranean Sea for swimming, sailing and water sports.

Service provision

Malta has various professional suppliers that work to meet our specific needs with decades of experience.

Good value

The Maltese islands are very competitively priced compared to their European neighbours. The destination has now established itself as a preferred European destination and Mediterranean island option for events of all sizes.

Malta’s famous hospitality

Honed over the centuries of hosting different civilizations, Malta established itself as the destination of choice for conference, events and incentives providing a warm welcome and offering renowned hospitality.

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