What is ITC?

Global networking for distributors, retailers, traders, resellers & wholesalers of Mobiles, Consumer Electronics & IT.

It is all about the follow up...

When it comes to expanding your network and creating new connections within our industry, attending ITC is only the beginning of building the foundation for a mutually beneficial business relationship. 

Building trust and forming relationships takes time and effort.

We all feel the ITC blues having said our goodbyes but we urge you to stay in contact and follow up with the contacts you have made.

Add new contacts to your phone

Before you forget, make sure you add in the contact information to your phone. You won’t want to carry around business cards forever, and if you don’t do it right away, you’re much less likely to do it at all.

Follow up

After you’ve reviewed your new contacts—and the notes you took for each person do send out follow-up emails. The timing here is key. You want to reach out while the event is still on their mind. Creating meaningful connections within our industry doesn't happen overnight take the next step you can take to ensure that the relationship keeps progressing.

Provide Value

At the end of the day, networking is all about providing value. If you know the answer to a solution or have time to help a contact they will recognise the support. 

Say thank you

Time is a precious thing and thanking people for it is important. In your follow-up email after attending ITC, thanking the people you met goes a long way and shows your thoughtfulness, appreciation, and respect. We're all busy and it's nice to feel appreciated.

Remember – networking is about relationship building

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